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Installations & Replacements

Cole Heating & Cooling Provides Installations & Replacements.

Is your current heating or cooling system old, tired and inefficient? Or maybe you’re building a new home and you want a custom heating and cooling solution?

Whatever your situation, whatever type of system you want, we’ve got you covered.

Cole Heating & Cooling has over 120 years of combined experience, and our work shows it.

We have experience installing and replacing all types of systems, including furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, oil tanks, and more.

We also perform fuel conversions! Oil to natural gas, oil to propane, oil to electric, and anywhere in between.

We offer free quotes on new systems, and our replacement specialists can help guide you through the buying process from start to finish.

Whether you’ve already picked out a system and just need some final details, or you don’t even know where to start, we can help. Give us a call or submit a contact request here!

Did you know?

Cole Heating & Cooling cares about the comfort of people in Seymour, Connecticut since 1979?

Servicing your home or business for the past 40 years allows us to understand the complex heating and cooling solutions skills it takes to develop and maintain a reliable system. 

Give us a call today and trust us with your comfort.

Terms & Conditions
Not liable for: Any risk of injury or property damage from mold. Mold related issues at listed property resulting from work done and or daily use of equipment and property.
For incidental, direct or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the listed equipment.
Breach of agreement, delay in performance, or default caused by conditions beyond our control including, but not limited to insufficient supplies of new materials or service, parts, strikes, fire, flood, or government regulations.
Utility bills incurred due to a malfunction in the product.

Trust Us With Your Reliable Comfort Ecosystem.

We believe in providing reliable heating & cooling solutions for your home or office.  Take control of the air your family breathes and trust us with your comfort.


Cole Heating & Cooling provides expert HVAC comfort solutions in Seymour, Connecticut and surrounding areas.  Whether it is providing consistent customer service, reliable equipment to heat or cool your home & family, or affordable heating oil delivery, the professionals here at Cole Heating & Cooling wants to service the people right here at home.


We provide heating & cooling maintenance to heater repair and air conditioning replacement, we provide the services that keep the air you breathe clean and keep your home or office at the perfect temperature. Our technicians are skilled in maintaining your HVAC, offering a full range of heating, cooling, commercial, and other services.


Our Product & Service Guarantee

We want to ensure your satisfaction when working with us to maintain, service, or replace your heating or cooling equipment.  Our technicians are skilled and hold customer service to a gold standard.  Feel free to contact us to have your questions or concerns answered about our products and services to satisfy your trust in Cole Heating & Cooling, INC.

First 15 Minutes Are Free!

We service all of Seymour, Connecticut and surrounding areas.  As an added benefit to working with someone right here at home, we include the first 15 minutes for service and delivery complimentary to our local service area customers.

40 Years of Skilled Experience

Working with the people of Seymour, we’ve learned a thing or two in servicing the challenging atmospheric dynamics of a North Eastern climate.  National companies may miss the mark when dealing with the hot summers or frigid winters of Connecticut and we all know how it feels to be a few degrees off when experiencing the perfect temperature.

Products & Services

Heating Solutions

Our technicians have expertly managed heating systems for years. We excel in dealing with boilers, water heaters, furnaces, and more.

Air Conditioning

When summer comes around, you’ll be happy we’re air conditioning experts too! We service and install condensers, air handlers & cleaners. 


We can install zones for your home. This allows customers to keep different rooms at different temperatures.

Home Heating Oil

Rely on Cole Heating & Cooling to consistently deliver home heating oil in, and around, the Seymour area.  We offer simple and clear service plans to fit your energy budget. 


Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose, maintain, and install heating and cooling equipment in the most efficient way possible.  It's our business to serve you well.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces.  Trust us knowing your mini-split is installed correct.

I decided to install a Mitsubishi Dual Mini Split Air Conditioner in my basement, but lacked the wiring and expertise. Zach took the time to explain all of the options available to me, submitted the best proposal, and guided the entire process. Everything was done on time and on budget. Quality work. I’m definitely going to stick with them for all of my HVAC needs…and I’m super picky.

Eric Fredricksen - Google Review

A Few Perks & Guarantees Working With Us

Our Promise To You

We always hold our employees to a high standard in customer service and quality of work.  Those standards of HVAC workmanship are 40 years in the making.  We will always do our best to meet your standard as well.

We Are Your Local Company

Working with a trusted heating & air conditioning expert in Seymour, Connecticut gives you the peace of mind knowing that our technicians know the demands of service inside and out.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your home, family, and heating & cooling system deserve the respect Cole Heating & Cooling can provide.  We have options available to correct issues when you require things to be made right.


Reliable & Accurate Service

We stand by our knowledge working with HVAC technology and we always strive for setting an expectation of providing the most accurate information regarding your system.  We have many options to fit your heating & cooling needs.


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